Calendar of Mountainous Underprivileged Students Fund (MUSF): It’s sixth year that DKE chooses the Mountainous Underprivileged Students Fund (MUSF) calendar , formerly known as the Only Rice is not enough calendar, as DKE official calendar to send to partners and staff. 120 calendars were bought and three millions are raised for the fund

Donation for Newborn Vietnam: In December, DKE made two programes of donation: automatic doors for the Human Milk Bank sterile rooms for pasteurising the milk and Giving Tuesday Appeal giving emergency box. Together with other companies and individuals, 19 Emergency boxes as a part of Newborn’s Giving Tuesday Appeal for 26 boxes of life for 13 hospital. The box contains bags, masks and other life-saving tools that are desperately needed to give thousands of babies a fighting chance to survive and live a healthy life.