Projects in the industrial sector

May-22 Cementos Pacasmayo Peru FLSmidth A/S
Mar-22 HVAC Xeuilley French FL Smidth A/S
Sep-21 BRUKS Siwertell Cuba BRUKS Siwertell
June-21 Qassim Saudi Arabia FLSmidth A/S
Apr-21 SiccadaniaOlam Tokobroa Nz 020 New Zealand 3NAROTS
Apr-21 Cimpor – Industria de Cimentos SA. Portugal FLSmidth A/S
Jul-19 Cementos Concepcion Sea Paraguay FLSmidth A/S
Apr-19 Santiago Cement Plant Cuba  FLSmidth A/S
Feb-19 Nuevitas Cement Plant Cuba  FLSmidth A/S
Feb-18 Relizane Cement Plant Algeria FLSmidth A/S
Apr-17 New Madrid Power Station USA United Conveyor Corporation
Nov-16 P&ID and Layout Survey and Update Cameron Alectia A/S
Apr-16 SLB 3D Resource Canada SFKLEBLANC
Apr-16 Amouda Engineering Plant Algeria FLSmith A/S
Dec-15 Xuan Thanh Cement Plant Vietnam FLSmith A/S
June-15 Novoheat Sweden Novoheat AB
Apr-15 DKSH Vietnam  DKSH
Sep-14 LOTUS Green building assessment Vietnam Vietnam Green Building Council
Aug-13 Design and Engineering Service Vietnam L.V. Technology PCL
Feb-12 UCC USA United Conveyor Corporation
Aug-11 ABB Vietnam Vietnam ABB Vietnam Ltd.
Apr-11 L.V. Technology PCL Thailand L.V. Technology PCL
Apri-11 Kanbawza Cement Plant Myamar L. V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Apodi Cement Plant Brazil L. V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Elizabeth Cement Plant Brazil L. V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Al-Humyin Cement Plant Saudi Arabia L. V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 NSCI Bahau Cement Plant Malaysia L. V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Max Cement Plant Myanmar L.V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Mozambique Cement Plant Mozambique L.V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Al Rashed Cement Plant Saudi Arabia L.V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Watbandai Cement Plant Thailand L.V. Technology PCL
Apr-11 Aalborg Portland Cement Plant
(Kiln Expansion Project)
Malaysia L.V. Technology PCL
Jul-10 Dobla Chocolate Factory Vietnam Dobla BV, Holland
Aug-08 VNS Wine & Spirit JSC Vietnam VNS Wine and Spirits JSC
Jun-08 ABB, Tien Son industrial Park Vietnam ABB Vietnam Ltd
Apr-08 Mascot Vietnam Vietnam Mascot International A/S Vietnam
Oct-07 Aleppo Cement Syria F. L. Smidth Denmark
Jul-07 Dutch Lady Vietnam Dutch Lady Ha Nam food and beverage company, Ltd.
Dec-06 Mascot Vietnam Vietnam Mascot Vietnam
Sep-06 Sow Farm, Tomsk Oblast Russia ASP ApS Denmark
Aug-06 Hoang Thach Line 3 Vietnam F. L. Smidth Denmark
Jun-06 Ciba Gray Cement Algeria F. L. Smidth Denmark
Jul-05 Ha Long Cement JSC Vietnam F. L. Smidth Denmark
Jun-05 South East Asia Brewery Ltd. Vietnam Danbrew Ltd. A/S
Mar-05 Lao Brewery Co Ltd. Laos Danbrew Ltd. A/S
Mar-05 Unicem Nigeria F. L. Schmidth Denmark
Feb-05 Aalborg Industries Vietnam Aalborg industries
Sep-04 Hai Phong Cement Factory Vietnam F. L. Smidth Denmark
Sep-04 Ninh Binh Cement Factory Vietnam F. L. Smidth Denmark

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