Internship programme with Blue dragon

At DK Engineering Ltd, we value our internship program in coordination with Blue Dragon Children Foundation because it gives us the chance to build up the industry by helping develop the next generation of engineering professionals. It’s really a win-win for all involved: Our interns receive hands-on training and experience while our crews acquire much-needed help during our busiest time of year. This month, we say goodbye to Luu Xuan Von, a last year student in Mechanical Engineering at Electric Power University. Congratulations to Von a job well done! We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Euro Air fabric duct in DKE office

DK Engineering Ltd office just installed new FBS air diffusers panel in reception and meeting room, creating draft-free ventilation for comfort.

The system operates at a lower pressure than standard ceiling diffusors and it is therefore more energy efficient. The FBS panels are made in sizes 600×600 mm and 600×1200 mm for standard suspended ceiling. So this is easy for replacing standard size ceiling panels.

The maintenance is very easy as well. Just uninstall, disassemble each components and using an industrial washing machine with detergent. After the washing, just do sun dried and reinstall.

New partner: ETERVIS

Etervis Pte. Ltd. at is a Singapore incorporated company engaged in the development of renewable energy assets in Southeast Asia. Etervis develops all renewable energy assets in-house. In rooftop solar, ETERVIS engage in greenfield development, right from initial contact with high-quality customer to maintenance of the installed plants.
Etervis Pte. is  DKE partner since July 2020.

Fabric duct for ECCO VIETNAM

DK Marketing signed the contract with Ecco Vietnam to supply Euro Air textile duct system product imported from Denmark. The textile duct will be installed in the office area of Ecco Factory at the Bau Bang Industrial Park in southern Binh Duong province.

Ecco Bau Bang Factory – a shoe factory belonging to Denmark’s ECCO Group – covers an area of 12 ha with total investment in the first phase of $30 million and expected to operate in July 2020, employing more than 1,400 local workers and producing high quality shoes.

New Service : DK Renewable

After 10 years of building our brand image in renewable energy with great projects like: FL Smidth, PV Thien Tan… DK Engineering decides to expand into larger scale markets, which is an exciting endeavor—a new level of success. We are excited for the opportunity to flex our marketing muscles and share the brand’s sustainability message with new logo, presentation and website interface. By this bold move with a well-organized plan, DK Engineering is ambitious in fully grasping the cultural norms, needs and expectations of new markets. We believe in spanning continents and aligns numerous countries around the drive for a cleaner, greener future.

DKE in Covid 19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting the way people live and work globally. Many organizations are enacting remote working directives to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. Here at DKE, we have put into practices remote working programs and strategies that can enable employees to work productively during the disruption.As of Monday, March 23, 2020, only 12 staff are assigned to work at HITC. Staff who are required to work from home are expected to support the continuity of operations of the company by working remotely.

Fabric duct for Kinh Do Mondelez Factory in Hung Yen

In March 2020, DK signed the contract with Mondelez Kinh Do to supply Euro Air textile duct system product imported from Denmark. The textle duct will be installed in HVAC system in the warehouse of Kinh Do Factory in Hung Yen.

Launched in July 2015, Mondelez Kinh Do is a powerful combination of snacking leaders making much-loved brands for Vietnamese consumers, including leading snacks  brands from Vietnam and around the world, such as Kinh Do mooncakes and biscuits, Cosy biscuits, Solite soft cakes, AFC crackers, Oreo cookies, LU biscuits, Lu cookies, Ritz crackers and Cadbury chocolate.

United Conveyor work orders come back in 2020

Since February 2020, DKE has continuously received Work Order from United Conveyor Corporation (USA) for engineering service assistance, within 3D MEP modeling and mechanical pipe support design for material transport systems at power plant with first work order for Jima for project.

Besides, DKE has a chance to  master the Autodesk Advance steel that is a 3D modeling tool steel detailing, steel fabrication and steel construction.

FLS Concepcion ( CCB,Tel & Lan)

After Purchase order for Conception project on HVAC (SS & LCR) in 2019 , DKE in January and February also signed the PO with FLS to design & supply equipment for HVAC in Central Control Building , plug socket multipurpose and telephone system for the same projects.

Goods inspection and shipping activities are also implemented for Concepcion and Nuevitas projects.